In Memory of Emily Carr

Emily Carr in Studio

Emily Carr in Studio

On March 2, 1945 Emily Carr died. Vancouver author, artist (fine and craft including rug hooking and pottery) she was born in Victoria, BC, the site of our Triennial in October. Her birth house is a heritage site at

During the Triennial we will celebrate Carr’s modernist style with hooked works inspired by her paintings and subjects of First Nations’ lifestyle, spiritual nature landscapes featuring the forests and lonely trees of the region in a members’ exhibit with details at Theme Exhibits.

Some pieces worked by members are:

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2 Responses to In Memory of Emily Carr

  1. katherine says:

    where is the celebration held for Emily carr and what does it cost?

    • tighr10 says:

      Katherine, Emily Carr will be recognized for her rughooking art during the TIGHR Triennial which is open to members of the organization. We are creating rugs/artwork hooked inspired by her style. See information about the Triennial on our site

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