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Diane Cox

Diane Cox Vice-President and Membership

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  1. Katie Rainwater says:

    I would like to send my membership information in but……

    I’m trying to do a bank transfer and it’s asking for an email address and I don’t know what to put. I have to put a password on it too. I think you want us to use our names for the password. Would that be our full name? As in first and last all in one big word? I’m very new to e-transfers!

    Should I fill out the application 1st and then send the transfer? Sorry for all the silly questions and thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Katie Rainwater

  2. Doris McKinley says:

    Diane: My name is Doris McKinley and I live in London, Ontario. In 2015 I attended TIGHR in Victoria and on the last day of the conference, I paid my membership of $60.00 for the next 3 years. I have not received any information from TIGHR since that day, and am wondering if I have been lost in the shuffle. I would appreciate hearing from you. DORIS 🙂

  3. Di Brown says:

    Hi. I am coming up to Reeth this weekend to learn more about rigging. May I join the guild whilst I’m up there please?

  4. Ms Gerry Ford says:

    I live in East Sussex, UK & would love to join a group to learn this craft. Would you have details of any groups in my county of Sussex. Many thanks.

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