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Heather Ritchie

Heather Ritchie President

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  1. Molly says:

    Hi Heather
    I tried to getting into the section about the triennial information. It ask for a password to view, I tried my password but it won’t let me open the page. What am I doing wrong? I was trying to see what classes and activities were available during
    Triennial at Swaledale October 2018. What password do I need?

    From Newfoundland

    • Lesley Close says:

      Dear Molly,
      If you’ve read any of the other comments, you’ll see that the information has not yet been released. The pages have been created to share with the board and the teachers. The full Triennial programme of classes will go out to members in the November edition of Hooking Matters and the password-protected pages will be made public soon afterwards.
      Sorry for the frustration – not long to wait now…
      Kind regards,

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