Collector’s Cards

51 Michelle Sirios-Silver Vancouver, BC Canada

51 Michelle Sirios-Silver
Vancouver, BC Canada

Since the first US term in 1997 a member has been featured quarterly on a postcard. Although we call them Collectors’ Cards, the format encouraged many to be sent with messages extending our craft/art to friends.

During the 2013-2015 term, the Board added to the collection – as the cards were published they were added to this gallery page.  The cards from the 2010-2012 term are featured at Collectors Cards 40-50.


There are full pages describing these pieces found by hovering over the Collectors’ Cards tab where you will be shown term/name of each artist.   Enjoy this gallery of our fibre art.

During the term 2016-2018, the Collectors’ Cards will not be posted to members. They will feature in the e-newsletter Hooking Matters and will be added to this website.