Swaledale October 2018

The TIGHR Triennial in Swaledale, the culmination of the work of the UK Board’s work, will take place, mainly in Reeth (below), from Monday 8th October until Thursday 11th October 2018.

The Triennial fee will cover the classes and activities on offer to TIGHR members. There is plenty of accommodation, to suit all tastes and pockets, in and around Reeth, and with such a variety available that we feel that the fairest approach is to allow you to find and pay for your own choice of place to stay. That way you can arrive early and explore the area or stay a bit longer and join in the events on offer after the official end of the Triennial, or both: Reeth (below) and Swaledale offer more than just the Triennial, after all…

Your Board has asked the two biggest hotels in Reeth, The Burgoyne and The Buck, to only take bookings from TIGHR members during the Triennial. Please remember this block booking when you look at the hotel’s availability online: if they appear to be full it is because they are waiting to hear from you! It is for that reason that we suggest, whenever you make your booking and wherever you decide to stay, to make sure that you mention the Triennial – you may be turned away if you do not!

Your President, Heather Ritchie (who lives in Reeth), has offered to check out any possible places you find before you make a booking. Write to president@tighr.net with the address of – and, vitally, contact details for – the accommodation you have found and about which you want to know a bit more. When you make a booking, please let us know where you will be staying so we can start to plan the necessary transportation as well as taking places off the list as they are booked: please email Kathy Bryan, TIGHR Secretary, on secretary@tighr.net when your booking is confirmed. Thank you.

An optional all-day FibreFest trip will be available on the day after the closing ceremony, Friday 12th October. And, during the weekend after the Triennial – Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October – several extra classes will be taught by visiting teachers of rugmaking. Please come back to this page in the near future or see the November 2017 TIGHR Newsletter, Hooking Matters, for further details.

Places to stay in and around Reeth

The following list of accommodation is far from exhaustive and we cannot accept any liability for bookings made. Nor can we put our hands on our hearts and attest to the quality of everything that is on offer but we know you’ll love it, whatever you choose!

In the heart of Reeth
The Burgoyne – hotel with ten double or twin bedrooms

The Buck – hotel with double, twin and single rooms

Half Moon House – self-catering accommodation with four bedrooms sleeping nine people

Bellegreen – self-catering cottage with four bedrooms sleeping seven people

Braeside – self-catering cottage with three bedrooms sleeping eight people

Beyond Reeth

There is a lot of accommodation available outside Reeth. If you will not have your own car and you will be staying within five miles of Reeth, we will arrange transport to take you to and from the Triennial the class and event locations as well as The Hub.

Grinton is two miles from Reeth
The Youth Hostel – don’t be misled by the name, as the accommodation is lovely (and the views are fantastic!)

Low Row is five miles from Reeth
The Old School  – self-catering accommodation with four bedrooms sleeping ten people

Hazel Brow – self-catering accommodation with eight bedrooms sleeping fourteen

The Punch Bowl Inn – nine double and two twin bedrooms

Arkengarthdale is five miles from Reeth
The CB Inn – fourteen double and five twin bedrooms

Further afield

Your Communications Chair can’t remember precisely where this photo was taken but all of Swaledale and the surrounding are is this gorgeous and all of it is worth exploring…

Because we cannot expect rugmakers to be ready to be collected by the bus at the crack of dawn, if you are staying more than five miles from Reeth you will need to make your own travel arrangements. You could arrange to have a hire car waiting for you at the airport when you arrive or you can take public transport to Richmond or another town to collect a pre-booked car. There are some taxis available but they must be booked in advance.

Owners Direct has a selection of self-catering properties to rent in Swaledale – use the search box to find the perfect one for you!

Judith Dower runs Cathole Cottages and offers a wide variety of charming self-catering properties in Swaledale which sleep from two to nine people

Tan Hill Inn is a remote seventeenth century pub almost twelve miles from Reeth: it is very isolated so you’d need your own car to stay there, but doing so would be an unforgettable experience…