11th October Thursday

Dry stone walls: Class in the Nutmeg Room working with hand-spun yarns with Anne Hewitt

Ann says: I live in Swaledale, a diverse and quite intimate landscape that informs and inspires much of what I now do. I spin yarns and weave but my fun time is spent working hooked rugs, mainly using my hand-spun yarns. I usually work on hessian/burlap . . . without a frame. Recently I completed a two year course in Textile Design with Weave at Bradford Art College as a mature student and have also had the pleasure to being Artist in Residence in association with our local museum. In addition my work has been exhibited.

In this workshop, rugmakers will begin to work on a small ‘sketch’ of the dry stone walls locals to this area of the Yorkshire Dales, finding ways to express the colour and texture of the walls using hand-spun yarns in natural colours from different breeds of sheep. Fine hooks are used in this work and frames and hoops can be made available upon request.
The kit will include a pre-drawn canvas with a photo from which to work the design and a selection of hand-spun yarns, as mini hanks, with which to complete the project. Additional yarns will be available, for a charge, from Anne on the day. The kit and materials cost £12.