Tuesday 9th October 2018

A view from a dry stone wall: Extreme rugmaking class at Hudson House by Jan Haines

Jan says: I was born in Kent in 1949 and lived there until 2016 when I moved to North Yorkshire. In 1998 I attended Ashford college to join a certified course on The Elements of Design. In the following four years I continued to earn my City & Guilds Certificates Parts 1 and 2 in Creative Studies for Embroidery. I have learnt many techniques within many crafts and have been teaching all I learnt, a practice I continue.  In 2007 I started Lenham Ruggers group in Kent and I am now a member of Ebor Ruggers in York.
In this workshop rugmakers will work on a design which, working upwards, starts with a grass verge with grasses and flowers. These are against a dry stone wall, raised and padded on the left and getting flatter as it winds down to the right hand side. Behind this will be the green dales with walls meandering across, a shepherd’s hut in the middle ground and sheep. Leading on up into the distance, the ground rises to the hills and in the far distance we see the purple shades of the moors. At the very top will be small amount of sky.
The piece will incorporate hooking, prodding, crochet, and needle felting with some trapunto work on the wall. None of the various areas is huge and all of them can be worked in a very short time. A written instruction sheet to work from and also a colour copy of the design will be available. I will also bring a good selection of various colours and textures of threads and fabrics for the students to use as they will.
Kit is a backing with the drawn design and machine edged. A bag of some cut wool fabrics for the hooked fields in greens and other colours also available on the day. The kit and materials costs £25.

Photo of sheep at head of page by Lesley Close