Tuesday 9th October

Proddy mats: Class in Fremington School with Maureen Murano

Maureen says: I live in a small village in Northumberland, in the far north of England. Hadrian’s Wall (a Roman construction) runs through the village, which is surrounded by inspiring countryside. Working with textiles has always been part of my life and, as well making rugs, I run a vintage textile business. I was taught proddy rugmaking by my grandparents and I returned to the craft after moving to Northumberland. I collect vintage rugs, and I have taught rugmaking for many years. I am interested in the history of rugmaking with particular reference to the artistic connections with my area. My most ambitious piece of work so far is a large proddy wall hanging which I made for a local music festival: this rug will be among the items I will bring to the Triennial.

In this workshop, we will learn and practice proddy technique as a group then begin an individual piece of work, experimenting with a variety of fabrics. I will introduce proddy rugmaking by looking at vintage rugs and the tools used in their creation, along with a little of their history in the UK.

We will learn and practice the proddy technique, working as a group on a traditional large frame and with a variety of traditional tools. A small fixed frame will be used to start a personal piece of work, which can be continued and completed after the class. A selection of vintage rugs will be on display in the workshop for students to see and discuss.

Kit: a variety of fabrics will be provided, together with a small fixed wooden frame fitted with hessian and a traditional peg tool. The kit and materials cost £14.

Image of Hadrian’s Wall at head of page from Pixabay