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TIGHR … why join?

TIGHR…. began by invitation in 1994 and we extend an invitation today to you.
Visit our Membership Page after you have become familiar with us.

The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers welcomes anyone interested in rugmaking techniques and networking with fellow fiber artists worldwide.  Our membership grows through word of mouth best, so let this be our voice to you… roam around the site, visiting our pages and perhaps decide to join using our membership form.  The private on-line discussion site we have developed is filled with talkative groups ranging from ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards .. small works of art), to details on travel to Australia, the site of our next conference.  In between are groups on dyeing fabric, equipment and terminology used worldwide; historical research; and some new ones.  Members post images of their work, and talk to each other from their own pages.

Our other continued contact with members is the quarterly newsletter Hooking Matters, edited by Jo Franco in Australia, each issue includes reports from all parts of our membership.

We consider this organization unique within the rughooking groups for its innovative online connection; futuristic approach to conversations and actions; tri-ennial conferences each with a unique structure because of the Country the Board is located in; and members’ directed evolution.  It has grown, but remains basically: Friends sharing ideas and work with fibres worldwide.