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Coming to an end

The term for leadership of TIGHR is three years. Unique to this organization that means our voice, accent you may say, changes. The Australian term is coming to an end with the Tri-Ennial Conference and General Meeting October 15-19, 2012 in Strathalbyn, SA.  Surely the board members are looking back and saying where did those three years go, and how can we get all needed done in the upcoming three months!  We will be announcing the new region of focus for 2012-2015 soon.

Members planning on traveling from the UK, Spain, Japan, several Canadian provinces and States in the US along with the far and wide within Australia are all eagerly piling up items for our luggage.  NEW THIS YEAR we will be making Skype video conference calls to the members who are not able to travel the distance.  This effort is coordinated by Judi Tompkins, who has stepped so many of us through to using cyberspace communications and is one more example of how TIGHR meets its mission “spreading friendship around the world of rugmakers”.

Join us in the new term 2012-2015, for three years of friendship, learning and networking with rugmakers truly WORLDWIDE.  Membership forms will be available mid October onsite.

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