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Now it is really close!

Editor of TIGHR news and traveler Australian, Jo Franco has been on the West Coast of the United States with her husband, Ted for a few months.  We can see they are enjoying their trip by visiting   The September 12 post includes smiling faces and a report from Gene Shepherd, a fellow TIGHR member, presenter at the Expo after the Tri-Ennial in Strathalbyn and co-chair for the ATHA Bi-Ennial next year in Long Beach, CA besides teacher, artist, business owner.

Yes the members of TIGHR are ACTIVE contributors in promoting the traditional art/crafts of rughoooking techniques worldwide.  We hope you too will be interested in joining for the next enrollment period 2012-2015, renewals and new membership will be taken as of January 2013 officially and the form available immediately after the conference in mid October of this year (one month from this writing).

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