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Beginning our 20th Year

Examining Rug at Pioneer Womens Hut Museum, Au
Examining Rug at Pioneer Womens Hut Museum, Au

Celebrating rughooking by spreading the traditions around the world, individuals share their passions.  Twenty years ago in December 1994 friends gathered outside of London and formed The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers.  Joined as friends with a mutual interest; the differences in techniques, materials and styles have been shared at Tri-Ennials, first by post and now using Social Media, Internet options and even electronic phone conferencing.

The images following represent friends from Canada and the United States who gather during January in Bermuda with rughooking enthusiasts;
a member from Spain sharing rughooking skills with Cambodian children as they also learn English for employment; and
a monthly group of ladies in New South Wales, Australia gathering at the home of mentor and author, Miriam Miller.
In Tokyo, Japan for over twenty years an exhibit of hooked pieces has been coordinated by Fumiyo Hachisuka.  Across Australia, the United States, the provinces of Canada, the United Kingdom, in Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, Israel and wherever someone holds a hook, fibers are manipulated into new works.

Celebrate rughooking in 2014 with THE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF HANDHOOKING RUGMAKERS.  On December 4, 2014 invite a fellow fiber artist to discuss your mutual interests over a meal, the phone, internet or by posting a note.

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The membership form and pages about joining can be found at see MEMBERSHIP FORM Open to worldwide interest in spreading friendship through fiber … hope to welcome you on our private members’ site and maybe at the next Tri-Ennial in Victoria

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