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December 4 Int’l Hook-In Day

Twenty years ago on December 4, 1994 the formation of The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers (TIGHR) was proclaimed in England.  In celebration of this anniversary and to further our mission statement “come together in friendship to share ideas, and to explore the different techniques of the art of rugmaking using a variety of fibres” we have declared DECEMBER 4, 2014 as the International Hook-In Day.

Let’s spread the word to fellow rugmakers and plan a local event to publicize our traditions in the 21st Century.  Comment below on your plans.  Create a display at a local library and demonstrate at a community center.  Take your project to work for lunch break, bring a mat to be whipped while watching your child play a game after school, go out to tea with a friend and talk about a new project.

Rug Hooking Magazine will be featuring this event during November on their blog and on Facebook December 4.  We are looking for people to post images from Sydney, Australia across that continent to Perth on to Tokyo, Japan to the United Kingdom and Spain then across the Atlantic to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, the Eastern United States all the way to  California and  Victoria, British Columbia the site of our 8th Triennial October 4, 2015.

Comment below if you are willing to upload an image on December 4 or before.

7 replies on “December 4 Int’l Hook-In Day”

We are looking for file images to upload ahead of time as promo. As used in the post on Oct 5. Also if someone has an event ahead of time we can include the image and caption on the day for fuller presence. Hope you and the group in Ottawa have some images to submit ahead or on the 4th.

The Woolly Sheep Rug Hookers of Roanoke , Virginia will be gathering at the home of Fay McDaniels on December 4th and all members who attend will be working on the Mill Mountain Star … Roanoke is called the Star City !

yes we can upload a picture or two for sure form newfoundland – we have our hook in scheduled in gander for December 4th !

In Victoria, British Columbia we will be hosting a coffee party at the Metchosin Community House, 4430 Happy Vallry Rd, 10:30-1:30. All rug hookers in the area are invited to join us. For more information, contact Sheila Stewart at 250-595-6406.

The Northumberland Rug Hookers of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada are celebrating on Dec. 4th by starting a friendship rug with all the small town groups from the surrounding areaWe will design a creative rug of hands that will be passed from group to group with a completion day in May 2015 at our year end monthly meeting. This is an exciting project that will bring together many new and experienced rug hookers and I imagine take on a life of it’s own. We will definitely send photos of the rug in various forms until completion!

The Northumberland Rug Hookers in Cobourg, Ontario have finished our “labor of love”, our friendship rug celebrating the International Day of Rug Hooking which started on Dec. 4, 2014 and is now complete. I am so proud and so grateful to all of our members for the hours they spent on this amazing story rug. One of our member put her hand on the rug but passed away a week after we started so each of us pulled a few loops in her honour. This is a very special rug and we will use it when we demonstrate at events during the year.I am not sure how I can send you a photo but I will try.

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