2018 Swaledale Triennial dates!

Full details of the classes on offer at the 2018 Triennial, as well as the costs and other helpful information, will be sent to members of TIGHR in the November 2017 edition of Hooking Matters. A little while after members get the information, it will be published on the Swaledale triennial pages of this website.

The 2018 TIGHR Triennial in Swaledale will run from Monday 8th October until Thursday 11th October 2018. The first event, the opening ceremony, will be held in St Andrew’s Church, Grinton, shown here in a postcard from 1910. There are a few more trees now but, fundamentally, Grinton still looks like this!


On the day after the closing ceremony and banquet (in a venue that will amaze and delight you…), Friday 12th October, an optional all-day mini Fibre-Fest trip will be available and, during the weekend after the Triennial, on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October, several extra classes will be taught by visiting teachers of rugmaking. Further details will be made available in the November edition of Hooking Matters and, shortly afterwards and very briefly, on this website.


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18 Responses to 2018 Swaledale Triennial dates!

  1. Naomi Levine says:

    We are interested in attending the 2018 Triennial..can you please advise as to the registration fees, contact information for registration and venues for both the events and the recommended hotels. We would require a room with two separate beds and an ensuite.

    Thank you.
    Naomi Levine and Susan Morin
    C/O Naomi Levine
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  2. Sue Ashbourne says:

    My friend and I are also interested in attending the 2018 triennial in Swaledale…..and would like information on registration fees and accommodations…. looking for a room with two beds and an ensuite.
    Thank you
    Sue Ashbourne
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    • Lesley Close says:

      Hi Sue.
      We’d love to see you in Reeth in October 2018: please bear with us while we finalise the details…
      You’ll have everything you need to make your booking at Easter 2017, and the first Newsletter of 2017 will be full of – well, News!
      Communications Chair

  3. for Leslie at close communications: Is the previous website still open? I have sent my renewal membership to Treasurer and would like to check the tighr site.
    My new email is xxxxx@gmail.com Could you update my membership to reflect it?
    (my previous email was xxxx@hotmail.com = I do not use it, I have problems with it)
    Thank you,
    [Edited by Lesley for security reasons]

    • Lesley Close says:

      Hi Roasario,
      As I explained in the email I sent via Ning, I am unable to edit any member’s details. Only the member can do that.
      As a compromise, I have sent an invitation to join to your new address. I have also edited your message (above) to avoid the possibility of attracting ‘spam’ to your new address.
      With kind regards,

    • Eve says:

      Right onht-is helped me sort things right out.

  4. Thank you Lesley. I am inn 🙂
    Looking forward to October 2018 at Swaledale!

  5. Shirley Ryan says:

    I also look forward to seeing you in Reeth. Looking to get info soon.

  6. Christine Smith says:

    I am interested in attending the triennial in 2018. I am not presently a tighr member. If I join now, will that membership be good through the triennial dates, or will I need to join again next year?

    • Lesley Close says:

      Hi Christine,
      If you join TIGHR now you will be entitled to come to the Triennial. We look forward to seeing you there!

  7. Deb Johnson says:

    I have had much trouble getting membership form to download so membership can be sent in. I am from the US and have moved to Germany. I would like to attend your triennial meeting and need hotel and other information since it appears reservations should have been made by Easter??? 2017. I would appreciate help. Thank you.

    • Lesley Close says:

      Hi Deb,
      Don’t worry! I made a mistake when I said Easter 2017 – it should have been 2018, of course!
      Please feel free to contact the membership chair for further details about joining.
      Kind regards,

  8. Pat Seeberger says:


    I just read about your 2018 triennial in the latest issue of Atha and would like to attend with my husband. Where would I find more information about this?

    Thank you in advance,

    Pat Seeberger
    Madison, VA

    • Lesley Close says:

      Hi Pat,
      We will be publishing full details of the Triennial events in the November issue of Hooking Matters. Shortly afterwards, full information will appear on the TIGHR website.
      We look forward to meeting you and your husband in Swaledale – there will be events for non-participants too!

  9. kitty adkins says:

    Hello from California,
    Am I doing something wrong? Help! Looking for info on the 2018 Triennial .
    I have checked Hooking Matters and cannot get in with my password.
    The password must work because I am here able to get all other information.
    Can someone give me suggestions?
    Don’t want to miss out.
    Thank You,

  10. Janet Conner says:

    I am having trouble finding and opening the November Issue of Hooking Matters. we are so eager to see all the details of classes, venues, and schedules for the 2018 Triennial. It may be right under my nose, but i’m a little technology-blind….
    I’ll be there for October 2018, and i’m so excited! More info please?

  11. heidi grevstad says:

    I am a member, but did not receive the November Hooking Matters. I have already reserved a room in Reeth. I hope there is still room in the conference.

  12. Dany Dany says:

    Can you please send me the details of rug hooking classes for beginners in the October 2018 Triennial?

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