Collector’s Cards

Collector’s Cards were introduced during the first US term from 1997-2000. They were a way to meet twelve members over three years from the host country. In the beginning the cards were mailed each quarter to TIGHR members around the world to share a glimpse of each artist’s work and story. As the world went digital many boards began to include the cards in the online newsletter. The last set was created and distributed in Hooking Matters by the Reeth, UK board in 2018. If you have time, grab a warm beverage and scroll through some wonderful TIGHR history!

A special thank you goes out to Susan L. Feller for her diligent research and efforts to fill in the gaps on the early cards. As you will notice, some are still missing, if you have any information please reach out to me at

Victoria, BC, Canada (2012 – 2015)

Laura Pierce

Collector Card #59

Garden Azeri (28″ x 54″, wool on linen)

Gene Shepherd

Collector Card #58

Pickering Oak (#8 cut wool strips on linen)

Val Flanigan

Collector Card #57

Oliphant (#4 cut hand-dyed strips on linen)

Sunny Runnals

Collector Card #56

Red Cedar (55″ x 35″, #6 cut wool strips)

Sara Judith

Collector Card #55

Synergy (freeform design using worms & a creative, open mind)

Val Gavin

Collector Card #54

Starfish Parade (#6 & 8 cut strips on burlap)

Wendy Halsall

Collector Card #53

Snaw-Naw-As Welcomes Tribal Journey (30″ x 60″, hand dyed fabric)

Michele Wise

Collector Card #52


Michelle Sirois-Silver

Collector Card #51

Love, Decay, Repair Series – Repair 1

Strathalbyn, Australia (2009-2012)

Jo Franco

Collector Card #50


Jane Bassingthwaigthe

Collector Card #49

No One Outshines You

Maggie Lucas

Collector Card #48


Maggie Whyte

Collector Card #47

Maggie’s Magpie Visitors

Marion Nefiodovis

Collector Card #46

The Vine Patch

Wendy Davis

Collector Card #45

Ying and Yang

Judi Tompkins

Collector Card #44

Guardian Angel

Judith Stephens

Collector Card #43

Miriam Miller

Collector Card #42


Ilka Landahl

Collector Card #41


Joyce Emery

Collector Card #40

Mathew’s Owls (48″ x 30″, new & recycled fabric on hessian)

Louisville, Kentucky (2006 – 2009)

Iris Simpson

Collector Card #39

My Goat Obadiah (25″ x 34″, wool strips & roving on linen)

Anne-Marie Littenberg

Collector Card #38

Purple Mountains Majesty (14″ x 15″, various plied threads on rug warp)

Amy Oxford

Collector Card #37

My Lion In The East (9″ x 7″, wool yarn on monks cloth)

Suzanne Dirmaier

Collector Card #36

Cock of the Block (48″ x 36″)

Stephanie Ashworth-Krauss

Collector Card #35

The Way Home (20″ x 20″, #4 cut wool strips on rug warp)

Linda Rae Coughlin

Collector Card #34

Walking On Eggs (15″ x 17″, new & recycled fabric strips hooked on linen, machine and hand embroidered with gold chain)

Susan L. Feller

Adapted from work by kim robertson

Collector Card #33

Nurturing Friendship (36″ x 24″, needle felting, shirring, hooking and applied beads)

Nancy Jewett

Collector Card #32

Swamp Boogie Nights (43″ x 39 1/2″, hand-dyed wool by artist, purple plaid moon and black as is)

Charlotte Price

Collector Card #31

Pyramids (22″ x 32″, Fumiko Yamatato Design, all dyed texture materials The House of Price Inc.)

DiFranza Designs

Collector Card #30

Morris Cat (18″ x 34″)

Tenby, Wales (2003 – 2006)

Germaine James

Collector Card #29

Memories (All fabric from family members clothing, married together using dark blue from a coat)

Cilla Cameron

Collector Card #28

Goat Cart (28″ x 20″, hooked on hessian, hand-dyed nylon hose)

Sybil Mercer

Collector Card #27

The Welsh Dragon (Motif for 2006 conference in Wales, design by Brian Collins)

Louise Creed

Collector Card #26

Louise & Lewis Making Rugs (Hooked in recycled materials)

Ann Lock

Collector Card #25

Chantry Lighthouse (First piece of work designed and hooked in wool and recycled materials)

Rhona Scott

Collector Card #24

Baby Seal (Wall hanging hooked in a variety of textured recycled materials. A white bead for one eye and tinted thread for the whiskers)

Sue Green

Collector Card #23

Pied Images (Mixed recycled fibers stitched to faux suede backing)

Heather Lamborn

Collector Card #22

Bauhaus (Rug hooked in pure wool/acrylic-wool mix, 6′ x 4′)

Elizabeth Collins

Collector Card #21

Sonia (Rug made from recycled materials)

Ben Hall

Collector Card #20

Shrink To Fit (Hooked denim on coffee sack)

Diane West

Collector Card #19

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Lewis Creed

Collector Card #18

Baby Scarecrow (Rug made of recycled materials)

Mary Ellen McCormack

Collector Card #17

Bowl of Fruit (The fruits are hooked flat, notched along top and bottom edges. The edges are glued, cut out, sewn together and stuffed.)

Amander Rosser

Collector Card #16

Balancing Act (Worked with speed shuttle using recycled wool, 17″ x 34″)

Elizabeth Black

Collector Card #15

Mother & Babes (Featured in Early American Life Magazine as one of the top 100 craftspersons in America)

Margaret Kenney

Collector Card #14

Lottery Cottage (Hooked & prodded using multi fibers)

Toronto, ON, Canada (2000 – 2003)

Jeanne Field

Collector Card #13

Leaf Rug

Jacqueline Hansen

Collector Card #12

Maine Coast Scene (Maine scenic waldoboro displays the raised motifs in the border)

Jill Kempe

Collector Card #11

Azeri of Bermuda (The motifs represent life in Bermuda, its architecture, flora and fauna)

Hedore Gionet

Collector Card #10

Coat of Arms

Ann Hallett

Collector Card #9

The Sheepish Grin (Ann is a multi-media artist with a passion for sheep)

Pat O’Neill

Collector Card #8

Entente Cordial (Pat is an English textile artist working out of Normandy France)


Collector Card #7

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Massachusetts, USA (1997 – 2000)

Birgit Mertens

Collector Card #6

Swedish House (Hand cut recycled fabrics on burlap)

Berith Myrvold

Collector Card #5

Joan Lindsay

Collector Card #4

Jeannie’s Rug (54″ x 34″)

Fumiyo Hachisuka

Collector Card #3

The Blue Birds of Happiness (65″ x 52″)

Carol Harvey-Clark

Collector Card #2

Sheepish (20″ x 30″)

Mary Sheppard

Collector Card #1

A Chicken In Every Pot