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New Gallery Works

By searching through our members’ work on the private site we curated a new selection featuring original pieces from around the world.  Visit GALLERY and enjoy the variety.

Rug Hooking Styles

Plein Air Rug Hooking!

We all know the time involved in pulling loops, using different colors and creating hooked artwork.  Imagine working outside capturing changing light effects as artists in other media can more quickly and you have experienced being a PLEIN AIR HOOKING ARTIST.

Lori LaBerge reported in Hooking Matters Vol 20 Issue 3 :

“Sitting on the deck hooking one day, I grabbed my frame and wool and walked out into the local field.  If painters can work plein air (in the open air), why couldn’t rug hookers hook on location.  This entails no use of photographs for reference.  One hooks what one is viewing. 

'Along the Path', Lori LaBerge 2013
‘Along the Path’, Lori LaBerge 2013

  I had such a wonderful time, I decided to create a website, Plein Air Hooking Artists, that will display the work of rug hookers working en plein air and promote rug hooking as art.  Members work on their own and send photos of their work for me to place on the site. Please join us by contacting me through the site under Join Us.  Membership will be ongoing for those serious about their work and who will regularly contribute to the visual experience.”

Members in News

Eco Dyer, Yvonne Dalton from South Australia

Fiber Art Now Summer 13 Yvonne   TIGHR member and presenter at the 2012 Tri-Ennial in Strathalbyn, South Australia, YVONNE DALTON is one of seven international organic printmakers featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Fiber Art Now magazine. Yvonne speaks in the article “A very important consideration and obligation for me is to minimize my impact on the environment, as concerns of landscape are central to my art practice.”  The opening full page image of her banners flowing in the breezes on South Australia’s landscape emphasizes her philosophy.

Audience listening to Yvonne Dalton's presentation

  During the TIGHR presentation, in her quiet voice, Yvonne told her story and showed examples of cloth, garments and art objects made from the marked fabrics left in the elements for months.

She also assisted conference members in a workshop to create braided lanyards which closed the felted folders we made in another workshop. 

Yvonne Dalton Eco Dyeing

The following gallery shows Yvonne’s process in the groves of acacia and eucalyptus trees.

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Video Interview – Why did you Join TIGHR?

For the first time, a video was created archiving several members participating in the Tri-Ennial in Australia. The questions asked were: Why are you a member of TIGHR? and What are you doing with rugmaking?

Two versions were edited, the shorter one has been posted here under Membership (Why Join TIGHR) and the full length edition will be on our members’ only site.  By searching on YouTube for Rug Hooking, International Rug Hooking, the public can also view the video and be directed to

Perhaps you too want to answer our questions. If not a member of TIGHR, consider joining or comment on what you are doing with the rug hooking techniques in your toolbox.

international membership rug hooking travel rug hooking

International Conference reviewed in Rug Hooking Magazine

The Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine has hit our mailboxes (postal and digital versions) and the bookstands.  Editor, Deb Smith who traveled to the Tri-Ennial in South Australia last Fall, reported on the event.  See an excerpt

The image below personifies The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers :  INTERNATIONAL.  Fumiyo Hachisuka is conversing with an Australian representative (of their fauna).

Fumiyo and Mr. Kangaroo
International friendship, Japan and Australia
international membership rug hooking travel rug hooking

Off to OZ

Our bags are packed, E-Tickets printed and off we go to OZ, Australia.  Members from Spain, Israel, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States are flying around the world to meet with the Australians in Strathalbyn, South Australia.  The Tri-Ennial officially begins Monday, 15 October and continues through Friday.  The weekend will be filled with workshops at the EXPO featuring international instructors and members and friends of the Australian Rughooking Guild, at Strathalbyn Town Hall.

Our new Board will be transitioning into action, and be in full swing as of January, the month for RENEWALS of membership.  After 19 October check our Membership page for the details.

international membership rug hooking travel rug hooking

Now it is really close!

Editor of TIGHR news and traveler Australian, Jo Franco has been on the West Coast of the United States with her husband, Ted for a few months.  We can see they are enjoying their trip by visiting   The September 12 post includes smiling faces and a report from Gene Shepherd, a fellow TIGHR member, presenter at the Expo after the Tri-Ennial in Strathalbyn and co-chair for the ATHA Bi-Ennial next year in Long Beach, CA besides teacher, artist, business owner.

Yes the members of TIGHR are ACTIVE contributors in promoting the traditional art/crafts of rughoooking techniques worldwide.  We hope you too will be interested in joining for the next enrollment period 2012-2015, renewals and new membership will be taken as of January 2013 officially and the form available immediately after the conference in mid October of this year (one month from this writing).


Access Registration forms easily on

We have posted a pdf for the Conference and one for the Expo classes on the public website  See the page: 2012 Tri-Ennial, click and scroll through the calendar listings for the event of interest.  Click and print the highlighted registration material.  Remember you must also be a TIGHR member for attendance at the Conference.

But anyone is welcome to select workshops during the Strathalbyn Expo October 20 and 21, 2012.  Hope to see you there.