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Members write for Rug Hooking Magazine

The November/December issue of Rug Hooking Magazine includes several articles by TIGHR members.  See excerpts of these along the left sidebar of their home page

Ask the Experts…. Shirley I. Bradshaw, Nova Scotia diagrams the elegant finishing technique of a herringbone whipped edge.

Advertisement on page 9 for TIGHR promotes the Triennial, speakers, and joining the organization to “Connect with other rug hookers from around the globe.”

Ebb and Flow design by Jo Franco, photo by Michael Kelly Star Creations
Ebb and Flow design by Jo Franco, photo by Michael Kelly Star Creations


Australian Connection… Josephine Franco, West Australia describes the garment designed with 100% recycled materials and hooked by a local group as entry to Common Threads Wearable Competition.  The piece evokes the ‘Ebb and Flow’ of the sea and was selected as a finalist.

Camps and Workshops…. features an article by Susan L. Feller celebrating TIGHR’s 20 year history.


Rose Wirtz… written by Linda Rae Coughlin, New Jersey, USA is inspired by nature in her designing and colorings.  She exclusively uses natural materials to create a subtle palette.  Rose was a presenter during the Louisville 2009 Triennial.  Her  description of natural dyes can be found on our private site under Education.

Working it Out… Donna Lees Bleam, Virginia USA writes about finding a four panel Oriental pattern and challenging herself to complete it. Then working with a local carpenter to create a screen.


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Four years with this web format!

Wow!  It has been four years since Australians Jo Franco and Judi Tompkins and Susan Feller from the USA upgraded the static website to this new format at .  Our learning curve was, as the TIGHR motto at that time said ” The Sky’s the Limit”.

International Members in South Australia 2012
International Members in South Australia 2012

Thank you Jo and Judi for problem solving and great ideas.  A reminder to TIGHR members, this site is a reflection of your international talents and features work and articles submitted to our Editor and on our private site’s photo gallery.  Keep uploading images and contributing to the groups.  Hope to meet many at the Tri-Ennial Oct. 4-7, 2015.

Audience listening to Yvonne Dalton's presentation, 2012
Audience listening to Yvonne Dalton’s presentation, 2012

We plan to have descriptions for the presentations and online registration posted under Our Tri-Ennials/2015 Victoria which will be another first, making attending from ‘Down Under’ or ‘Over the Pond’ easier than before.  Twenty years old, The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers looks toward the future using cyberspace to connect with members.

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Now it is really close!

Editor of TIGHR news and traveler Australian, Jo Franco has been on the West Coast of the United States with her husband, Ted for a few months.  We can see they are enjoying their trip by visiting   The September 12 post includes smiling faces and a report from Gene Shepherd, a fellow TIGHR member, presenter at the Expo after the Tri-Ennial in Strathalbyn and co-chair for the ATHA Bi-Ennial next year in Long Beach, CA besides teacher, artist, business owner.

Yes the members of TIGHR are ACTIVE contributors in promoting the traditional art/crafts of rughoooking techniques worldwide.  We hope you too will be interested in joining for the next enrollment period 2012-2015, renewals and new membership will be taken as of January 2013 officially and the form available immediately after the conference in mid October of this year (one month from this writing).

international membership rug hooking rug hooking travel rug hooking

Australian Guild featured in Rug Hooking Magazine article

In the March/April/May 2012 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine, Jo Franco, editor and web administrator for TIGHR wrote about pulling together a continent of rugmakers with Judith Stephens and forming the Australian Rugmakers Guild AND bringing the International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers to OZ for three years (2009-2012).

The variety of art portrayed with the images and journeys the artists have travelled to congregate, and educate is fascinating.  Expect to hear more about the Australian experiences in print and online.