Rug Hooking Styles

Plein Air Rug Hooking!

We all know the time involved in pulling loops, using different colors and creating hooked artwork.  Imagine working outside capturing changing light effects as artists in other media can more quickly and you have experienced being a PLEIN AIR HOOKING ARTIST.

Lori LaBerge reported in Hooking Matters Vol 20 Issue 3 :

“Sitting on the deck hooking one day, I grabbed my frame and wool and walked out into the local field.  If painters can work plein air (in the open air), why couldn’t rug hookers hook on location.  This entails no use of photographs for reference.  One hooks what one is viewing. 

'Along the Path', Lori LaBerge 2013
‘Along the Path’, Lori LaBerge 2013

  I had such a wonderful time, I decided to create a website, Plein Air Hooking Artists, that will display the work of rug hookers working en plein air and promote rug hooking as art.  Members work on their own and send photos of their work for me to place on the site. Please join us by contacting me through the site under Join Us.  Membership will be ongoing for those serious about their work and who will regularly contribute to the visual experience.”